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A&L Biological Inc. ("A&L Biologicals") is a Research and Discovery company focused on bringing practical bio-based solutions to the agricultural industry.


Our efforts focus on improving crop productivity through better understanding of soil microbiome relationships, soil health and development of biological based crop solutions.


Our unique approach, services and solutions are the result of over 3 decades of commercial and research experience working with soils and crops in both North American and international markets.


Our team of scientists develop their ideas in our labs, on farms, and in the marketplace.


  • Established in 2008 


  • In-house staff of Ph.D. scientists and technicians in Plant Pathology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Virology and Biochemistry

  • World class laboratory – infrastructure set up for molecular biology, microbiology, plant biology and analytical chemistry

  • Library of 4000+ microbial isolates – fungi and bacteria – with 30% now characterized for activity in agricultural systems for bio-stimulation, plant protection and compatibility with agrochemicals

  • Development of bioformulations

  • Development of methods for environmental analysis, disease diagnostics and soil health


Our Philosophy

  • Research is based on Integrated Plant Production and Functionality rooted on three decades of soil science, agronomy and working with the soil microbiome

  • ​Unique screening and development platform based on 30+ years experience in soil & plant tissue analytics, agronomy, soil health, bioinformatics and extensive customer insights

  • ​Based on premise that Biologicals are not stand alone solutions and can complement other technologies. Plants need to be nurtured to support the desired microbe population

  • ​Plant nutrition is fundamental to optimizing use of Biologicals

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Research Targets

Research targets based on needs to enhance agricultural productivity and efficiency which can complement existing technologies​​​

Plant Health & Nutrient Uptake

(Yield & Quality)

Soil Health (Yield & Quality)

Soil / Environmental Remediation

Molecular Tools for Diagnostics

Plant Protection (Safeguard Plant Viability) 

Points of Interest

1. Our major objective is to improve plant root health, crop productivity and thereby the clients' bottom line. We are in the business of improving soil and root health with special emphasis on developing bioindicators of beneficial microorganisms that live in the root zone. Through research, innovation, technology transfer and complete nutritional consultations, we intend to help growers increase crop yields, optimize fertilizer inputs, improve production efficiencies, increase plant growth and nutrient uptake, control soilborne pests, reduce plant stress, optimize cultivar selection, detect and protect against soil-borne disease, and promote practices that benefit the environment.

2. We employ a team of professionals in the fields of chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, plant pathology, agronomy, and environmental science.

3. We understand the agricultural industry and can provide technical and timely guidance to help maximize each operation's output and minimize its cost of inputs.

4. A&L Biologicals is housed in a new 1300 sq m state-of-the-art laboratory in which we implement molecular technologies for detection and diagnosis of microorganisms that impact farm production.

5. We have received NSERC certification as a research organization allowing us to hire students and postdoctoral fellows through funds provided by the Industrial Program.

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