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Cuc-GUARD liquid suspension is registered in Canada for the prevention of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV) in production greenhouses. The active ingredient in Cuc-GUARD is an attenuated (mild) strain (ON-BM3) of the more virulent CGMMV. The mode of action of Cuc-GUARD is known as cross protection or “pre-immunization.” Cross protection is an acquired immunity phenomenon which has been developed in a number of plant systems.

Cuc_GUARD - Straight.png

Greenhouse cucumber plants treated with Cuc-GUARD at an early stage develop a tolerance to further infection from CGMMV, the virulent strain which causes crop damage and yield loss. Cuc-GUARD acts as a plant vaccine, enhancing the plant’s natural defences. Cuc-GUARD is manufactured by A&L Biological Inc. of London, Ontario and distributed exclusively in Canada by Plant Products.

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