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A&L Biological partners with Aspire Food Group to research and develop bio-based fertilizers

· A new state-of-the-art facility for Aspire Food Group to produce and process food-grade crickets at commercial scale is being built in London, Ontario and has received funding from NGen Canada. · A&L will participate as a partner with Aspire in the Research and Development of novel crop nutrition products from this facility. A&L Biological Inc., a subsidiary of A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., announced it will research and develop products from cricket frass, a by-product of the Aspire Food Group’s future cricket production and processing facility in London, Ontario. Frass contains a wide range of nutrients 'in readily-available form' that are necessary for plant development and soil health. In addition to key soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium; most of the frass consists of organic matter - which is a contributor to improved soil fertility and productivity. A&L will provide expertise and specialized knowledge of bio-stimulant technology to develop bio-based fertilizer from cricket frass for sustainable and improved crop production. As technology advances in improving crop production and sustaining agriculture soils, innovation in crop nutrition and bio-stimulants will be a key component to the future of agriculture. A&L Biological has an established R&D platform for the discovery and development of bio-stimulant and bio-control technologies for practical, bio-based solutions to the agricultural industry. "Frass at this scale is a new resource for agriculture production," said Dr. Soledad Saldías, Research Lab Director & Special Projects for A&L Biologicals. "We will be researching the benefits for plant growth, soil health and nutrient uptake on the soil microbiome and microbial processes. Our goal is to develop a unique, frass based commercial product which leverages our expertise in bio-stimulants and bio-control technology to deliver a value-added, differentiated product.” Saldías will lead this project which has received funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, or NGen. NGen, the industry-led organization behind Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, recently announced funding for this multi-partner project, led by Aspire Food Group. “Aspire Food Group is a world leader in building the lowest cost, highest-density, and most ethical automated food-grade protein production system. With support from industry leaders like DarwinAI, TELUS Agriculture, Swift Labs and A&L Canada Laboratories, the new facility is expected to revolutionize food-grade protein production and address food insecurity and the high environmental cost of protein production. This innovative and ground-breaking project is the largest project funded by NGen to date and will develop the world’s first fully automated insect protein manufacturing site, positioning Canada as a leader in this space” said Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen. “The role of insect protein for sustainable food systems and to create a circular economy is moving the dial on sustainable agriculture,” said Nevin McDougall, President and Chief Commercial Officer for A&L Canada Laboratories. “We are honoured to partner with Aspire and with this group to deploy the latest technology in the new facility -- we are excited for the future of agriculture and Canadian innovation.” About A&L Biological Inc. A&L Biological Inc. is a Research and Discovery company focused on bringing practical bio-based solutions to the agricultural industry. Our efforts focus on improving crop productivity through better understanding of soil microbiome relationships, soil health and development of biological based crop solutions. Our unique approach, services and solutions are the result of over three decades of commercial and research experience working with soils and crops in both North American and international markets. Our team of scientists develop their ideas in our labs, on farms, and in the marketplace. Visit the A&L Biological website at About A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. We are an innovative, research driven technology company focused on sustainable development. Through leading expertise, modern laboratory facilities and strong customer focus, A&L serves a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Environmental, Food & Pharma -- globally. In Agriculture, A&L provides comprehensive analytical services for soil, plant tissue, feed, fertilizer, and water. A&L’s services also include production recommendations, remote sensing and precision agriculture capabilities. A&L Biological Inc. focuses on research and development of biological compounds for use in agricultural production systems. The A&L Environmental division provides organic and inorganic chemistry and general chemistry using state of the art technology and methodology. For Food & Pharma, A&L provides analytical services for plant tissue, water, media and finished product. A&L’s services also include disease diagnostics, genetic analysis, production recommendations, and Plant Monitoring Program. The company operates two world class analytical laboratories serving clients throughout Canada, the U.S. and Internationally. Visit our website at # # # Media Contacts:

Nevin McDougall President and CCO A & L Canada Laboratories Greg Patterson CEO and Founder A & L Canada Laboratories


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