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Honour & recognition of the importance and potential impact of A&L Biologicals' research

Honour & recognition of the importance and potential impact of A&L Biologicals' research – recent article selected as “Editor’s Choice”

A&L Biologicals’ recent publication “Corn microbial diversity and its relationship to yield” (Canadian Journal of Microbiology, cjm-2020-0002) has been selected as one of the “Editors’ Choice” papers for 2020. This initiative of Canadian Science Publishing and the Canadian Journal of Microbiology is a means of highlighting articles of particularly high caliber and topical importance.

The article is published on their website at It will be available free to view for the duration it is an Editors’ Choice paper.


Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 2020, Vol. 66, No. 8 : pp. 457-473

Shimaila Ali, Soledad Saldias, Nimalka Weerasuriya, Kristen Delaney, Saveetha Kandasamy, George Lazarovits

Corn microbial diversity and its relationship to yield (Canadian Journal of Microbiology, cjm-2020-0002)

Plain language summary:

A number of publications dealing with crop productivity focus on soil physical and chemical factors. However, when it comes to biological factors and their interaction with crops, there are few readily measurable aspects to relate the plant microbiome to yield. 

Numerous studies have used high throughput sequencing to examine the microbiomes of various crops. However, such studies do not lend themselves to rapid or inexpensive means to identify microbial factors that may be impacting the plant productivity. In the present study, we utilized a simple yet robust molecular fingerprinting technique to determine the correlation between the composition of the corn endophytic community and its yield. We identified 10 key microbial components that highly correlated with corn yield over a 2 years study. These results will allow scientists and agronomists to incorporate key microbial components that contribute to crop yield into sustainable agriculture.


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